The quintessential “American” food that we all love. A classic to American culture itself, high in the food hall of fame along with burgers and hot dogs. Pizza Hut, a common pizza place, is 5th on the list of the top franchises globally. We have led the world to catch on to pizza, and it is now out of anyone’s control. People love it so much, it is now recreational.  They eat pizza not because they’re hungry, but because they love pizza (although they most likely eat it when they’re hungry as well).  The toppings on pizza, so many, ranging from classic pepperoni to green peas or even kangaroo, can be customized to anyone’s liking. All creatures love pizza. Even dogs (believe me, my dog has eaten an entire pizza once).

            In the United States alone, around 40 million people eat pizza every day. It makes up for 6% of an average child’s energy intake, and 4% of an adult’s.   It is ridiculously over consumed by the general population, and is contributing to America’s ever-rising obesity. I love pizza, but I eat it every two weeks, not every other day.

Honestly, pizza is great, but maybe it should be made less great to stop the global over consumption? I don’t know, but pizza won’t go out without a fight.


Stay Happy,

Sammy The Otter


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