Pondering Some Things

Death consumes all. The darkness will win. She always wins.

“Life is suffering and still standing straight.” Sometimes, no matter how much it pains us, we need to face life head on, give death a run for her money and try to be happy in the end. To sing on your deathbed, and actually be in tune.

If I can do that, I will be proud. 

Is there a point, though? A reason to try, to be successful, to want to do something in your lifetime that makes any impact. What is our motivator, why do we not just off ourselves the moment anything goes wrong? (Some do, but they don’t usually live that long).

The bonds that attach us to other people, the affect of a small death too early can easily change someone’s life indefinitely (besides the dead person, obviously). A mother, never able to do anything as she’d like to again, child, dead, the image of her hanging in her closet, or him lifeless at the bottom of the lake he’d loved swimming in as a child.

Off topic about suicide *sighs* (I’ll probably do that a lot).

The meaning of life, essentially, is what I’m looking for. I doubt I’ll find it (maybe it is 42).  Again, why though? Do people try for someone? For themselves, the ones that care about them, the ones they wished cared about them? For the feeling of achievement when you accomplish something, the want for something seemingly impossible, or revert to the primal need to survive and reproduce?

Judge me if you will, but I think I’m basing my success in life on the scale of a positive impact I have on others. And if this really is a synthetic world, all a figment of my imagination, nothing else is real, then I suppose I’m wasting my time. But I’m okay with that.

Stay Happy,

Sammy The Otter



3 thoughts on “Pondering Some Things

  1. I think you’ve totally nailed the definition of success. I think way too many people think success is only having a prestigious job that makes a lot of money. But, to me, success is doing something that can impact others in a positive way (I hope:))


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