I may have reached the end of mine.

Anyways, this post is going to be about music.

I play the trumpet. It is shiny.

That didn’t last long…

I’m sort of content with myself right now, with all my (and the world’s, I suppose) faults. I’m not trying to make myself or the world better, but I’m not happy with myself either. I suppose I’m in the middle. Content with disarray, nothing to say. Heh. I can rhyme, I do it all the time, generally accidentally.

I don’t think I should stay here, however. I just swallowed my Jolly Rancher. *coughs*

This isn’t really a post, so I guess it just won’t be. But it will be. Ish, I suppose.

Today a famous clarinetist visited our school. He said inspiring words, but he’s one to talk, he started playing the clarinet at age four, was a natural, and was on television for his playing a year after he’d started.

He was a cool guy, however. He played a couple pieces, and he played Flight of the Bumblebee very quickly and without pausing to breathe (he did breathe, however; google circular breathing).

Quick! What is the Triple Crown?

Did anyone know?

Probably not. It’s the ultimate prize for… racing horses! Consisting of three races, the Kentucky Derby, Preakness Stakes, and Belmont Stakes, only a horse that wins all three can take home the triple crown.

Secretariat holds all the records for those three races. He was the grandmaster. As we all may aspire to be.

Stay Happy,

Sammy The Otter


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