Is the world just you and I

Sitting together, side by side

Sitting for an endless time

Is the world just you and I?


Is the world just you and me

Wondering what our future will be

Thinking together, in harmony

Is the world just you and me?


Is the word just us together

Two of a kind, birds of a feather

I hope we are united forever

Is the world just us together?


No, the world can’t be just our small pair

We’re not dedicated, we have nothing rare

You left me hurt, I thought you cared

Broken, stripped, you left me bare

To wallow, and think how unfair

‘Twas when you wrecked me, ruined me, left me much worse for wear

I’m afraid now, lost, lost and scared

But I’ll never forget what we did back there

All we once had, disappeared into thin air

I had nothing, then you came, and I couldn’t help but stare

You were perfect, beautiful, without a tear

We bonded fast, our stories we shared

I thought we were forever, but au contraire

You ditched me, you left, and glared

At me, on the floor, using all my prayers

For you to come back, because I was ensnared

But you got on that train, you paid your fare

And then you were gone.

And you still are.



It still hurts, you know.


But of course, you wouldn’t.


Stay Happy,

Sammy The Otter


The Otter Says— I was writing, and poems came up and then that did. I suppose this here is a disclaimer because I’ve never been in a real relationship with anyone, so I guess this is just what I would imagine it to be? It could be better, but oh well. I am an amateur, after all.


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