D. G.

Like the night, not a sound was heard. Except these.


A thump, and a light laugh. The small sound of something sliding on ice, followed by a noise similar to nails on a chalkboard. An airy whoosh, followed immediately by a heavier one. A sound of minor contact, then a crash and a terrible cracking noise. Shouts in the background cheer as feet softly touch ice once again. A squeak, as our champion has slipped, and a small gasp of terror escapes him. He breathes lightly, shallowly, as softly as he could manage. A roar echoes throughout the stadium, and heavy footsteps begin. A small puff of air, and the same laugh as before. A loud crack, and then the sound of ice breaking. A splash that echoes, and some gasps, but mostly cheers nearly deafen anyone willing to listen because their champion has won. His light footsteps echo as he strides toward the small splashing where his opponent is. He pulls out something-a disc, emblazoned with the letter r. It begins to beep loudly, then with increasing volume and quicker, frantically, as its tossed into the water with a small splash. A huge explosion sounds, and it’s all over.



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