A list

Not the list, however. A rather disorganized one here.


  1. A dinosaur that is slightly depressed, for inspiring me to do this and being a happy face in my life
  2. The second seagull, for letting me disgust you with my twisted ideas about what should(n’t) be
  3. A maknae who has always been there for me that I have not acknowledged enough
  4. One younger than said maknae who I have only recently realized the value of his daily presence in my life
  5. The good old friend, for I’m actually not sure what… For being the good old friend
  6. A new (ish) friend gained from the good old friend, for showing me it is possible
  7. Someone who calculusates (that’s totally a word) for not giving up on me and showing something of yourself to me
  8. A star, for not yet eating my shoulder
  9. Z, for appreciating me though I haven’t you (that made sense)
  10. My parasite, for trusting me wholly
  11. To a rose, for being an outlet for me
  12. A stone, for giving me enough suffering
  13. Shiny, for being shiny
  14. A banana, for playing cards and helping me with life
  15. Myself, conceitedly, for trying only how much I felt necessary
  16. Mega, for showing me size doesn’t always match what’s inside
  17. A virus, for showing me when to turn away
  18. Another good old friend, for not abandoning me when I did so to you
  19. An idol, in a way, for treating me fairly
  20. Perhaps the first, for letting off easy
  21. Una cebolla, for staying aloof
  22. A bystander, for showing me effects
  23. An artist, for letting me in, to some extent
  24. Lisa, to staying wherever is and may be correct
  25. Food, for letting me consume you
  26. Boomer, arf arf
  27. Obi-Wan, for messing with me
  28. Unixrocker, for the best sectional
  29. A dictator, for letting us be free
  30. An ant, for showing me endless things
  31. Enchilasagna, for being ridiculous
  32. Music, for letting me listen
  33. Pain, for letting me feel
  34. An unnecessary gift, for urging me to write
  35. Fluffy, for attempting what only I have succeeded in
  36. Spuderman, for mastering mau
  37. Twins, for showing me meanness is often unintentional
  38. More twins, for never showing me meanness
  39. Bji, for chilling
  40. Adrenaline, for pulling me through
  41. Coach, for choosing me
  42. The Otter, for being all I am and never hoped to be
  43. A recipient, for letting another (not I) enjoy
  44. Oatmeal, for teaching me more than anything else has and letting me enjoy
  45. A tenor, for being neutral
  46. The butt of the SUJHF, for staying happy and positive and occasionally burning
  47. My totally existent production crew, for existing
  48. Snakes, for slythering
  49. Lies, for making us question our every decision
  50. Nerves, for the feel of being alive
  51. A redhead, for communicating on an Earthly level
  52. A keeping striker, for being a prime example of what I wish I could stand for
  53. Victor, for being the only one I’m confident enough to put the name on here
  54. Soda, for slaying unicorns, those that represent the perfect
  55. Donuts, for banding with me
  56. cathleenthebean, for corn and the bad jokes
  57. A real idol, to inspire me and my dumb ideas
  58. The friend I haven’t spoken to in nearly a decade, for what may have been
  59. Perhaps the negative, for staying positive
  60. Crumb, for gameday
  61. Someone relatively unseen, for seeing me
  62. X-Man. Because “It’s time to be great.”
  63. And all who trust me, for the obvious reasons
  64. All who actually read down to here, for caring

Are you on the list? I don’t know, because I don’t know who’s reading.

I bet I forgot you. Sorry.


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