R. I. P.

R.I.P. my hopes and dreams

‘Cause this world’s never what it seems

You need to look between the seams

To find you’re all that someone deems


I stand in the sky

I fall, and I say goodbye

Goodbye, cruel, cruel, world


Hunger, facing food

And not consuming it all

Painful regression


Captured, he says

It’s never their fault

T’was our brainlessness


Blood pooling near me

The dark red liquid bleeding

Through your essence here


Revenge tastes so nice

Metallic, with a sweet touch

Mixed in with your scent


A note of regret

For what I had destroyed, both

On this plane and more



No one knows what I have done

Except one; where is she


I do not know that

I do not know what I know

Except – I do know


I wish I didn’t, though

Wish I hadn’t grabbed it

Wish it was still clean


But what is a wish?

A hope, which can’t be obtained

It’s dirtier now.


Doodly doo doo

Doobee doobee doo doo doo

Shadiddly bang


This is a haiku

Five syllables, then seven

Then five at the end


To escape a maze

A labyrinth, if you will

She went straight and fast


Yay poetry!


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