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The rain falls, thick and viscous, onto my farm with all of the sheep that reside here. They baa, upset with the rain coming down onto them, slowly dripping off of their wool. The viscous rain isn’t unusual here, post-apocalyptic. I walk away, empathetic for the sheep but knowing I can’t harbor them all. Sadly, I glance at hands and realize that today’s work has seriously taken it’s toll, as I can barely see my skin through the blisters that envelop them. I sigh, knowing that much of my efforts would be reduced to nothing. Realizing my blue hair is starting to flop over on itself, I run inside to find Leon pouring himself a cup of tea. “You want some too, Luc?” he asks me, already grabbing another teabag for me. I grunt in response and sit down at the table in the main room and try to relax. Leon comes over a few minutes later, and sits down next to me. “What’s wrong, Luc?”, I faintly hear him ask, but my mind is clouding over, and I let the blanket of sleep engulf me.


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