Enter Stage East

Darkness is on the horizon

In my peripheral, I see it rising

Rising high, like the morning sun

Rising fast, it’s the only one

That can stop me now, I’m on my way

To lead myself well today

I try to let fear bounce off of me

But it comes closer, it’s all I can see

The darkness creeping in closer, so near

To take and ruin all I hold dear

It’s coming in hard, and way too fast

I’ve held it off so long, but at long last

It’s found me here, “safe” in my hole

Taken me out, stolen my soul

I’ve been stripped of what I so dearly need

I must go, I must disobey my creed

I’ve dragged myself to its dark cave

It swallows me whole, nothing good is saved

I’m a coward, a fool, who thought he could live

And an empty shell is all I have left to give.


Darkness is on the horizon, and if you see it, you’re done.


Exit Stage West.


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