Ode To Lunch

For 4, 5, 36, and 7


At lunch, I’m not judged

I sit in my seat, I won’t be budged

When I sit there, I do what I please,

And I always get to eat all the cheese

Sometimes I’m lucky, and I eat cookies


At lunch, I play games, with some who don’t really care

And neither do I when I’m sitting there

We play cards, and things, and laugh out loud

We don’t fit in well with the other crowd

But I’ll always be here, without a doubt


At lunch, I’m at ease, nothing can trouble me

I forget all my worries, and I feel so free

I sing, I laugh, I cry, I yell

And throughout that time, I feel swell
So unlike my empty shell
At lunch, I eat, all delicious meat
Anything with hands or feet, I can make taste so sweet
With barbecue sauce, among other things
With whatever that the cashier rings
And everything that everyone brings
At lunch, I’m at peace, I feel free, it’s my release
For sentences and memes fill my lunchtime dreams
It’s not possible, it seems
For jet fuel to melt steel beams
But inside jokes and artichokes make everything all the master deems.

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