I am the thunder, you are the lightning

Together, we are rather frightening

A match made in hell, burning in fire

Torched blue by the flames of desire

You are faster than I, you cannot be contained

You flash right ahead, leaving me and my pain

As I slow down behind you, “resting”, it seems

Let you chase what you need, what you want, all your dreams

As you have left me, zoomed ahead to the rest

To go and try, see if you’re up to the test

I’ll wait here, as I always have and will

You’ll return when you’ve had your fill

Of the world otherwise, besides

You always come back to me and you cry

There are times when I think it’s me that’s lost

That’s gone off the deep end towards the bottom

Whereas you have taken the diving board

Leaving me and my problems

As you strike out, fast, out of the blue

Your bolt striking on a sunny day

Leaving just as fast

For me to continue on my way

But I have no path, you determine me

I don’t care about myself, only

About you, my lightning, the dark fight

That drives me, the reason I haven’t walked into the light

I have seen the light, yes, you did too

I see it everywhere, but not in you

Even when you come back, I aspire to be

My best for you, and only for thee

But when you come back, even forever

Thunder and Lightning are never truly together.



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