A collaboration on a renga poem with cieloftheseals.


A fake, a mask, worn

Reached the point of no return

As we become one


Just who am I? Who are you?

I don’t know, that much is true


Perhaps there was a

Time when we were different

I cannot recall


For a moment, you were me

A mistake, please, set me free


I can’t get rid of

You, for you’ve taken over

I have lost control


We’ve been the same for so long

How can this right feel so wrong?


I loved the concept

Of you, of us together

So we could be one


I thought I could, thought we would

I couldn’t see where we stood


I don’t know just who

I have become. Can I change?

This thing is not me


We can change back to before

Don’t let these fakes exist anymore


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