I hate you.

Ok, I was really pissed.


I hate you.

I hate people.

I hate everything there is to hate, and then some.

I hate my brain.

I hate my friends.

I hate those closest to me.

I hate my family.

I hate my dog.

I hate cats.

I hate the smell of grass.

I hate bugs.

I hate spiders.

I hate bad tissues.

I hate allergies.

I hate being wrong.

I hate existing.

I hate Mr. J.

I hate Mrs. Manhole.

I hate math.

I hate reading.

I hate writing.

I hate science.

I hate history.

I hate language.

I hate communication.

I hate Dash.

I hate Fade.

I hate the Otter.

I hate Zeus.

I hate I.

I hate me.

I hate that show.

I hate Youtube.

I hate exhaustion.

I hate pain.

I hate emotion.

I hate all colors.

I hate eyes.

I hate mouths.

I hate noses.

I hate money.

I hate society.

I hate my parents.

I hate myself.

I hate all the people I care about, but it’s not like they fucking did anything, no, that’s fucking just who I am, and I can’t bear to not hate them but also to love them so I’m sorry if I hurt you here, I really am, from the good parts of me.


edit: this is from almost a year ago, but i’m posting it now because i didn’t have the balls to then.


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