i bet nobody knows what pikul is (without looking it up)

so i broke my phone


bc ifunny was kinda simultaneously giving my life a purpose and ruining it

so its good to be gone

but i miss it

so i’m semi active on discord now

(add me fam @thisbitchemptyyeet#8066)

and i think i have online friends now?


one of ’em’s suicidal tho so that’s fun to deal with

its almost time for another heckin reflection

almost midmonth


i started saying yeet ironically but now i can’t stop

The way

She looks


At me

From the chair over there

A simple, fixed stare

Turning her head

Lips bright red

And I can’t help but feel such strong dread

Of the opportunity to try

To just be able to fly

But if I can’t

Then it’ll just





and I’ll just stay down here forever

So I

Look back

And cry


poetry is hard especially when ur like hella bad at it

i like wish i was good but i can’t do it right

but haiku – haiku are ez

sometimes i just *dab*

on all the hecking haters

and then shoot myself

yeah idk dont read into my haiku bc they mean nothing

“you have to fidget spin to fidget win

cory dewalt is god

yeah, i know what you’re thinking – isn’t michael rader better than cory dewalt?

yes. yes he is. michael rader is above god.

hEs sUcH a BeAuTIfuL mAn

its time for some

quality reader interaction


reader interaction? yeet

uhhh do you have any pets

plz comment if you do or not

also, remember to drop a like and subscribe for more quality content

yeah i think that’s it

the next rambling or whatever you wanna call this post was typed almost entirely or entirely (haven’t finished it yet) on a google doc on my school account so there will be no swearing whoag

k bye


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